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New management tool for online travel agencies: “Boost” allows to strategically sort search results for travel offers

Wuerselen and Aachen, 20. Juni 2017 – Traveltainment, the leading developer of booking solutions for travel websites, and Interactive Pioneers Travel, provider of creative digital tourism solutions, make it easier than ever for travel portals to precisely manage travel offers. The jointly developed product “Boost” allows users of the Traveltainment IBE not to sort offers by price or rating as usual but by freely selectable and combinable criteria. Like that not necessarily the cheapest, but the best suited offer is on top of the result list. Pilot customer for “Boost” is

The definition of certain providers, the quality of the tour operator offer data as well as the hotel reviews Traveltainment Trusted Reviews are among the criteria that portals can use for the ranking of results. By means of slide controls it is easily possible to define how much influence each criterion should have on the final order of the search results. E.g. portals can specify that cheap providers move down in the result list if they don’t deliver a satisfactory data quality, i.e. if prices and availability change too often between search request and booking request.

The comprehensive options for online travel agencies to define which providers they wish to put first are also new. They can weight tour operators by means of slide controls, “Boost” calculates the criterion “providers” based on this setting. The solution allows a high level of fine tuning – individual tour operators can be rated better or worse for certain regions, travel and booking periods. Portals that e.g. have gained good experiences with one tour operator, but prefer another provider for a certain region, achieve with respective settings that the providers are appropriately prioritised in the result lists depending on the requested region. Among other things, in this way it gets easier for portals to use tour operator promotions: If a portal rates the region advertised by the provider better than another region in “Boost”, exactly these travel offers get a higher rank in the result lists.

The higher quality and relevance of the results lead to improved conversion rates and thus to increased earning opportunities and better margins.

“Boost” is operated and offered by Interactive Pioneers. As before, Traveltainment answers booking requests that enter via the Traveltainment IBE from its own cache and forwards the results to Interactive Pioneers. There, “Boost” takes over the sorting according to the portal’s specifications and delivers the result list back to the frontend of the Traveltainment IBE. As usual, all further processes are handled by Traveltainment and the portal.

The pilot customer is looking forward to the new solution: “Boost creates a real added value for our customers”, says Martin Meux, Head of Product Management at Boost offers us an entire range of options to directly influence the order of the offers – away from the mere sorting by price, towards real relevance. Our customers benefit from it, because the best offers are displayed on top, e.g. actually available trips with prices that don’t change with the next click. Also hotels that have been rated particularly well by customers who have already travelled are given a stronger weighting. Moreover, we can display premium partners in a preferred position and actively support their marketing campaigns.”

“With Boost we give the providers a greater control of their business, and we will continuously expand this. In future it will e.g. be possible to also rate individual tour operators according to target groups or hotels”, says Carlo Matic, CEO at Interactive Pioneers Travel.

“With the joint product Boost online travel agencies can even better align the display of their offers with their target groups”, says Bernhard Steffens, CEO at Traveltainment. “Because Boost offers online travel agencies and tour operators the opportunity to jointly give certain offers and actions prominence in a very target-oriented way. Among other things, this leads to a significantly more personal offer selection – Boost is an important step towards an individualisation of the offer display.”

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