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Egypt specialist ETI now delivers OTDS data

Frankfurt am Main/Berlin/Wuerselen, 26 September 2017 – From now on, the Frankfurt-based tour operator ETI Express Travel International delivers data in the Open Travel Data Standard (OTDS) to the Traveltainment systems. This expands the line-up of WBS Blank operators providing their offer data for distribution in the OTDS format.

The „sun specialist“ ETI, which has been among the largest Egypt providers on the German market since 1998 and by now added nine more destinations to its programme, currently already converts
the hotel-only portfolio via the OTDS module by WBS Blank and delivers it to Traveltainment for integration. In a second step airtravel package tours will follow. The booking tracks on ETI’s website will also be filled with OTDS data in the future.

With the changeover to OTDS, ETI benefits from a significantly shortened production time, which was reduced for the around 20 million data sets for hotelonly offers from approx. 16 hours to only 45 minutes compared to the previous production in INFX. As Traveltainment is also able to process the data much faster due to OTDS, after their creation the offers are available extremely quickly in the travel agencies as well as on many websites and by this highly up-to-date.

“Our RED SEA HOTELS and the other houses are now represented in Traveltainment with considerably improved data quality regarding availabilities and price correctness”, ETI authorised
representative Ulrike Runge rejoices. “With this, the availability for hotel-only offers is at 95 per cent, the price correction ratio at only 4 per cent. The changeover to OTDS is also supported by the fact that thanks to the leaner format substantially more offers are delivered to Traveltainment every day than before.” All these advantages are also valid for package travels, which the tour operator system WBS Blank will convert at ETI at the end of October.

“Within a few years, OTDS has become a real standard for the travel industry – no wonder, since a large part of the industry already works with it”, says Dr. Oliver Rengelshausen, General Manager of Traveltainment as well as Chairman of the Verein zur Förderung eines offenen touristischen Datenstandards e.V. (registered association to promote an Open Travel Data Standard). „We are pleased when also specialists such as ETI recognise that the benefits significantly outweigh the effort. The improved data quality in the Traveltainment systems speaks a clear language.“

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