Application tips
It is not easy to get started
Surely, every one of us knows the questions you are pondering when sitting in front of a blank screen. What should be in my application? How can I impress my potential future employer? How do I stand out from other applicants? How can I avoid errors?
Show your personality
Give a comprehensive picture of your qualifications and interests in your application. Tell us who you are and why you wish to work in our company. What is special about you and why are you exactly the right person for Traveltainment?
Tips for your application documents
Make sure that your application documents are complete.
This includes:
  • Covering letter
  • Current CV
    Explain your educational, professional or private career stations. Structure your CV in a tabular and chronological form, start with your most recent activity.
  • Certificates
    Add all job-relevant certificates and all further documents that could be of interest to us to the application.
Tips for the covering letter
Your covering letter should include the following information:
  • For which position are you applying?
  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • Don't repeat the highlights of your career - that's what the CV is for
  • Why are you particularly suitable for this position?
  • Desired salary/ earliest possible starting date
Your application documents can be in German or English. As we are part of the Amadeus group and use a standardized tool all over the world it is completely in English.
What happens after you sent your application
After submitting your application via our online portal you get an automatic reply that we received your application. We will then try to process your application as fast as possible to give you prompt feedback. Due to the high number of applications and our commitment to check each application in detail, it may however take up to three weeks. We would like to ask you for your understanding.
If your documents convince us, we of course would like to get to know you personally and we will invite you to a job interview. Colleagues from HR and from the respective specialist department will take part in this interview.
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