Tour operators
Dynamic Packaging
The X principle - the dynamic basis for individual travel packages.
Contrary to classical package tours, dynamically generated trips are only packaged from the individual travel components (flight, hotel, transfer etc.) upon customer request. Dynamic travel packaging allows precise price calculations as well as flexible responses to the market for you as a tour operator. You not only minimise the risk of contingent purchase, but are also able to generate travel offers that are individually adjusted to customer requirements.
Traditional package tours
Traveltainment offers you, as a tour operator, a reliable distribution platform with an unparalleled market penetration in Germany. Twice a day, tour operators provide Traveltainment with up-to-date package tour offers comprising hotel, flight and transfer in the destination area or rental car. These offers are transmitted in the common touristic data formats, especially in the OTDS standard.
Smart Connect is the smart solution for your long-tail content
Like that also rarely requested offers can be distributed in a cost efficient way. Traveltainment Smart Connect allows tour operators to integrate additional offers from decentralised systems into the Traveltainment distribution systems. With Smart Connect the focus is not only on the most frequently requested hotels and offers, but also on complimentary offers, which refer to rarely requested regions, durations and dates.
  • Price model Pay-per-Request.
  • Supports the DRV data standard.
  • Relevant search results are integrated into the Traveltainment distribution without delay.
Market Analytics - market reports and customised analyses based on real travel bookings
Take product decisions faster with the help of the report and improve your business. Due to our distribution channels we are able to create the reports of an online and offline market based on real travel bookings. The Market Reports provide you with standardised market reports with predefined parameters and details for regular report requirements. In case of Customised Market Reports you define the report parameters and details yourselves. Choose between a static and an interactive data format. Moreover, we also offers customised market reports for individual analyses as well as for regular requirements.
  • A transparent overview of the online and offline market.
  • Benchmark analyses and reports.
  • Opportunity of targeted product positioning.
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