Traveltainment Datamix
How does the packaging work?
Traveltainment Datamix combines hotel offers with available flights for individual travel offers. To achieve this, you as a tour operator make the hotel data available from your own offer portfolio. Traveltainment provides the interface for low cost flights, charter flights, scheduled flights and tour operator flights. Traveltainment Datammix matches the hotel offer with a suitable flight. However, only when the customer performs the booking, the reservation takes place. This way, you neither have to bear the effort nor the risk of a flight booking. By bundling travel services, Amadeus Datamix by Traveltainment also considers the individually specified requirements such as flight operator selection or the respective margins. With Traveltainment Datamix you can combine travel services individually. This creates a much greater offer variety than by freely selecting the length of stay between 1 and 23 days. Furthermore, with the back office tool xOffice, Traveltainment Datamix quickly and easily provides diverse options for statistical analysis.
How is the data provided?
Package travel offers are generated in milliseconds from millions of hotel offers and matching flights. To ensure the fastest possible system performance, you as a tour operator store the current offers on Traveltainment's FTP server multiple times per day. If the customer requests a booking, checks via booking inquiries at the flight carrier as well as the tour operator ensure that the selected offer is still up-to-date.
In Traveltainment's distribution systems Traveltainment IBE and Traveltainment Bistro Portal, the dynamically generated travel offers are displayed next to and on equal footing with the classical package offers.
In March 2012, Traveltainment was awarded with the Travel Industry Club’s Special Innovation Award for Traveltainment Datamix.
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